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Immobiliser Service

Immobiliser Service

ECU Technologies has a dedicated service for Immobilisers. If you are a situation where you have lost your vehicle keys, and you are struggling to get the services of an Auto Locksmith or Car Key engineer, there is another solution. We can remotely receive your immobiliser and prepare a working transponder for your vehicle.

If you look at our section on Keys Explained, we describe in more detail what a transponder is.

Our dedicated service is Remote Keys and is part of the same service that brings the ECU Technology to you.

Please go here Remote Keys to visit our dedicated Immobiliser Service

Simply by visiting our site, you can find the correct immobiliser product for you vehicle, pay and then send the immobiliser to us.  Once you get it back, you will only need to plug it in and the vehicle will start.

WE do NOT sell immobilisers, and we do not repair immobilisers. Our services extends specifically to the preparation of working keys from a non-damaged immobiliser.



An engine immobiliser is an electronic device that interrupts the power supply to two or systems required to start a vehicle’s engine, that is the fuel pump, starter motor or ignition.

Unless the correct electronic signal is provided to the system by the ignition key, or a unique transponder or coded plug, the vehicle will not start.